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Originating from the small town of Blairsville, Pennsylvania, John-E-Raps has established a base of operations  in Brooklyn, NY, thus keeping it grimy and gritty from the country to the city. 

Known to spit nothin’ but raw and uncut lyrics, he is a heroic defender of the barz, heavily influenced by classic hip hop and hardcore boom bap, as well as the horror-core subgenre. Some of his songs are whimsical bops; others provide social commentary through dark imagery and unbridled rage.  

John-E-Raps is also co-founder of the hip hop group EDUCATION (along with Philadelphia native emcee Afloe.) 

Working closely with executive producer Cortex of hOLLANDjUNGLE Productions, Raps uses a range of sounds, providing a little something for everyone within the hip hop genre. Weather it’s a trap beat, or a house beat, Raps will certainly body it. Because John-E-Raps raps, and that’s straight facts.

(Collaborators include Bizarre from D-12, Mars, N.Y.B.D. NotYoBabyDaddy, Shay Payso, Al Unique, Infitain, M-Ritz, Chris Strong, MadBeatz, B.W and Dre Haze.) 

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