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John-E-Raps a.k.a. G-ZUS a.k.a. Johnny Snowflake is a Brooklyn based rapper from rural Western PA.  Heavily influenced by such acts as the Beastie Boys, Twiztid and Non Phixion, Johnny keeps it grimy and gritty from the country to the city.  As a classically trained character actor, Johnny has cultivated his stage performance and perfected his use of persona, which he now brings to the booth and the track.  In a country bent on killing itself, John-E-Raps uses humorous undertones and outlandish lyrics, ironically preaching/ enforcing the classic rules of hip hop: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Having a good time without hurting anybody. In a world with too much information, John-E-Raps disrupts the status quo with an experimental sound, posing the question, “Who do you believe in?”  Working closely with Brooklyn producer Robert “Cortex” Sparks of hOLLANDjUNGLE, Johnny plans to make waves and plenty of enemies in the coming months, years, centuries, eons, what have you.  Is he a rap hero, or rap villain? Savior or anti-Christ?  In a world where nothing is what it seems, only you decide.

John E Raps/ G-ZUS appears courtesy of hOLLANDjUNGLE 
Photo Credit: Virginia Kluiters @vkluitersphoto
Video Credit: "Mouse Trap USA" cinematography by Scott Fetterman @scottfetterman (coming 3/30/3030 A.D.)
Graffiti Credit: M.O.E. (Making Others Enjoy) @makingothersenjoy & Z.B. Bunny @zb_bunny
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For acting inquiries, visit www.johnnysmithactor.com

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